Talker acquired by Teambox

It all started with a vision of what would be the perfect group chat application. A couple months later we think we achieved this goal with Talker. We’re very proud of what we accomplished and especially by the fact that we use it all the time and can not think of working without it anymore.

We started Talker planning to make a living out of it. It ended up being harder then we thought. We’re making money, but not enough to concentrate 100% of our time on it. We think this is a problem. The perfect software is always evolving, rapidly, adapting to the needs of its users. Talker was built from the ground up with that idea in mind, think about the plugins, the chat server is also designed with extensibility as one of its greatest feature.

We think the best thing to do for the benefit of our users is to put Talker into the hands of a team who can bring it to the next level. After some research and hunting we found Teambox, an open-source project collaboration tool. They have an amazing team and embrace the open-source strategy, something we regret not doing from the start.

We’re so excited about this and can’t wait to see where they bring Talker! The great thing about it being open source is that we’re going to be able to continue working on it on our free time and the users will have the assurance of code quality that they come to expect from popular open source projects.

Thanks to all our users for trusting us and be assured we’ll do everything we can to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

If you have any concern regarding the transfer, post a comment or send us an email at

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