5 Reasons to Use Group Chat

I’ve been using group chat daily at work for 4 years and without a doubt think it’s the most important tool for a connected team. If you are working with a team of three people or more and you’re not using group chat you are missing out on the best communication tool you can get. Group chat is the best way to improve a team’s workflow!

In case you’re still skeptic, here are 5 reasons you should give it a try, right now.

1. Reduces Interruptions

Context switching is bad especially for programmers right. It breaks the flow that takes time to build up. Anyone that requires a high level of concentration can’t do good work while having meetings or frequent “quick question”. At the same time, being in your own bubble makes it hard to communicate with others.

Group chat creates a low barrier of communication for this all too common scenario. If someone needs to concentrate, he can simply leave the chat room or ignore messages for a while. It’s much harder to leave a group face to face conversation then it is to leave a group chat discussion so ingenious ideas don’t have to wait to be implemented.

2. It Makes Your Team Jel

If you’ve read Peopleware, you know how powerful a Jelled team is. It’s a state in which a team works so well together nothing can stop them.

A jelled team is a group of people so strongly knit that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. - Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister

Here are the characteristics of a jelled team:

  • A jelled team has a specific goal, a goal that is shared by all members.
  • All members of a jelled team have a high sense of responsibility and commitment.
  • All members of a jelled team feel they are accomplishing something of value.
  • All members of a jelled team take interest in each others work, since it’s part of their goal.
  • The members are enjoying themselves. They long to get to work to spend time together while moving the project forward. Laughter is frequent. A jelled team has great communication: with customers, management and in between members.

Group chat is the backbone of any jelled team, it’s they central place to build and share their ideas and aspirations. It becomes the most important vehicule for your team culture. It also makes it easier to bring new members to the team. Transcripts lets them see the team’s history so they feel included.

3. It Becomes Your Team Memory

Ever worked at a place where everyone is keeping track of his own TODOs or don’t know where to keep track of information. Each time someone mentions a good idea you say: “Hey! you should write that down”, but then forget. With group chat, everything is logged. It’s already on file the second you wrote it. You get painless traceability for free. If you’ve done any R&D project, you know how this can be important. Group chat makes this as painless as chatting it up.

4. Keeps Things Casual

Text based chat makes it easy to keep a casual tone. It’s great for sharing a joke, a funny picture or video. People tend to be more open than in face to face conversations. It the best way to make sure everyone keeps a good sense of humour.

5. Keep Everyone In The Loop

When most conversations are in the open, everyone knows what’s happening. One of the most common source of frustration in a team is the feeling you’re being left out of the decision process. Group chat makes it easy to discuss and share about your current project or company news. Anyone can take voice. Everyone is on the same level.

Take the lead, signup for a free account now and start chatting with your team: http://talkerapp.com/pricing

- Marc

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