We Launched! What’s Next?

After 3 months of hard work we’ve launched Talker!

Lets start charging and limiting now

Bye bye Beta, enter subscription plans. Since Talker is our bread and butter now, we need to charge for it :) But we want to keep things fair and have plans adapted to all types of teams. Everyone that had an account is now running on the Free plan, limited to 4 concurrent users and 10MB of file upload. You can upgrade now and we wont charge you for the first month.

The Bootstrap Plan at $8, for small teams bootstrapping their own thing like us!

From the start we wanted to offer a low price plan around $8 but wanted to make sure we could support it with our limited resources. So in addition to limiting the number of concurrent users, we only keep the last 30 days of chat log for accounts on the Bootstrap plan. We’ll start cleaning up old chat history in about a month to give everyone a chance to upgrade. Features we’re limiting in our plans are the ones costing us more resources.

What’s next?

As we use Talker each and every day, we keep finding ways to improve it. We have a bunch of things we want to implement in Talker that will help teams collaborate more efficiently.

In the upcoming months, we want to improve paste and image sharing, pouring our own real-time sauce to the mix and provide a way for people to share plugins they’ve written.

We’re also thinking about ways to open our API and servers even more. If you’d like to have access or information about parts of Talker, let us know!

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